FACTS TUITION PAYMENT PLAN for Fall 2014. Note: You can not use this to pay for Summer tuition.

New: please sign in to PeopleSoft to set up a payment plan.  From the Student Center page you can click “make a payment / set up a payment plan” and it will help you set up the correct type of payment plan and correct amount. 





• Payments paying in full should be made using the Student Information System.  Facts Tuition Payment plan should not be used for making payments in full. 

You cannot use the payment plan for continuing education courses.

• I am responsible for notifying the cashier's office at the college for any change in my enrollment status so my agreement can be adjusted or terminated accordingly.

• I will not receive a paid receipt if I pay my tuition using the FACTS tuition payment plan on-line. I may obtain a copy of my account via the Student Information System on the WEB.

• Payments made to FACTS will be posted to my student account in SIS twenty (20) days after payment is due.  If I have an outstanding balance to FCC that is not covered by financial aid, I am liable to the college for any balance.

• Refunds of payments to FACTS will be handled in accordance with the normal college refund policies. Refunds will be in the form of a check payable to the student, not the responsible party on the FACTS agreement. This includes payments made by credit card or ACH.

• Failure to pay fees owed FACTS, or otherwise defaulting on my agreement with FACTS, will result in a hold being placed on my account which will deny future services.

• At the end of the semester delinquent accounts will be assigned to The State of Maryland Central Collection Unit (CCU) for collection with a 17% service fee added to the amount owed. The State of Maryland CCU has the authority to intercept Maryland Income Tax Refunds or to take legal action through the State's Attorney General's Office.

I have read these terms and conditions and I


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